Nhra fuel cell rules

Heads-Up, Pro-tree. Turbocharger must use a stock style flange for that manufacturer. Index Classes. Index Class Eliminator — I. Four classes separated by. Trans Brake, Dual Line-locks are allowed as long as the wiring consists of a single continuous wire from the power source to the switch and single continuous wire from the switch to the transbrake or line-lock.

Shifter; mechanical only. Hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical operated shifter not permitted and must removed from vehicle. Shifting function must be driver activated. Super Street. Bracket Classes. Doors must open and close from inside and outside the vehicle.

Door Slammer Build: 03 - Rack & Pinion + Fuel Cell Mounting

Chassis and suspension: All vehicles must retain factory chassis. Vehicles must maintain stock drive configuration. Engine manufacturer must match chassis manufacturer. Lights: Headlights and brake lights are required one headlight may be removed for induction.

Windows: All windows must be OEM glass.

The proper and NHRA legal way to install a fuel cell?

Interior: Stock dashboard and full interior from front seats forward. Strain gauges are prohibited. Air shifters and electric shifters are prohibited. Three discs maximum any type of disk material is permitted. Fuel: Gasoline and E permitted. Fuel System: Electric fuel pumps only are permitted. Aftermarket fuel cells are not permitted.

Body: Bumpers can not be removed. Windows: Lexan allowed. Interior: Gutted cars permitted. Fuel: Gasoline, E and E98 permitted. Aftermarket fuel cells are permitted, but must be mounted in rear of vehicle. Exhaust: Exhaust may exit anywhere. Body: One piece front ends not allowed. Engine: 4 and 6 cylinder import engines and 2 rotor import engines allowed. Intercooler: Water to air intercoolers are not allowed.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Read times. Was looking into how to legally install my fuel cell per NHRA rules, I kinda ran into a couple snags I was hoping you guys could clarify for me.

First is my plan was to run nylon psi braided line through conduit I installed inside my boxed frame rail, after doing some reading it appears that only metallic line can be use except for a 12" whip in either end. Am I interpreting this right? Second is it is stated the fuel cell has to be enclosed by the body, my cell is going under the bed floor in the rear. They also state the cell has to be protected by DOM tubing if it projects through the floor of the vehicle.

nhra fuel cell rules

Can aluminum be used? And what gauge tube and metal is required? Also if I have my fuel lines I cases in conduit can they be braided? Thanks guys.

nhra fuel cell rules

A couple of excerpts from online NHRA stuff. If the cell is plastic it must be covered with metal if outside the vehicle. Why not just use a metal fuel cell?

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That is legal. Why not keep it inside the frame rails? No you are not interpreting this right, You can use braided line the whole way just not your nonstandard ie: not approved by NHRA stuff. It's really quite simple. If it does not look safe and close to what everyone else is doing you will get a finger wag. All fuel tanks must have a pressure cap and be vented outside of body.

A positive-locking screw-on fuel tank cap is mandatory on all open-bodied cars. Insulated fuel tanks prohibited. When used, fuel cells must have a metal box protecting the part of the fuel cell that is outside of body lines or trunk floor, excluding hose connection area in rear.

Nonmetallic fuel cells or tanks must be grounded to frame. Fuel lines may not be routed in the driveshaft tunnel. It is mandatory that fuel lines passing supercharger drive belts be steel braided, NHRA-accepted woven or woven-pushlock, or be enclosed in protective steel tubing.

All NHRA-accepted fuel lines must use ends that are specifically designed for the type of fuel line being used.

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No hose clamps allowed on NHRA-accepted fuel lines. Thanks that explains a lot, the cell I am mounting rearward of my axle underneath my truck bed.Posted by ihatedsmsDec 18, Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors. Activity Feed DSMtuners.

Join the Community! Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers. Get involved! Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. The proper and NHRA legal way to install a fuel cell? Dec 18, 1. Ive seen numerous post and pics of fuel cell just bolted to the floor with no firewall Ive seen this on that blue talon with the rx7 wheels and hoosiers that is in the 9s i dont know his name. I was going to run a summit 10 gallon aluminum fuel cell in the stock fuel tank location, and cut the rear floor and hump out, and install a new aluminum sheet metal floor rivited in It is an aluminum cell, and i dont know if the rules are diffrent or not Buy at ExtremePSI.

Safety Regulations for NHRA Classes and Brackets

Dec 19, 2. There were updates on certain things for '07 so it would be in your best interest to find the newest info out there. I know the blue car you are speaking of. I have also seen aluminum fuel cells mounted above, as in not dropped in the factory location. Not sure if that is a legal set-up though. Unfortunately, that's all I've got as a fuel cell hasn't made its way into my Talon yet. I'd be interested to know as well. I'm sure some of the guys that run cells will make an appearance here and be able to educate us further.

The proper and NHRA legal way to install a fuel cell?

Phil ps--sorry I didn't read your last lines like an a hole Dec 19, 3. Dec 19, 4. Dec 19, 5. You can cut a square hole in the floor, and then drop in a can like this: This will be your firewall. Install the cell aluminum or plasticand ground out the cell if it's plastic.

nhra fuel cell rules

Then install an access door like in the picture above. It's that easy.


FYI: The link above is for the '06 rules. Dec 19, 6.

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Dec 19, 7. Dec 20, 8. Dec 27, 9. Dec 30, I doubt this tin can would clear it, but maybe, we'll see. I would like something that was approved for drag racing any speed really, since I don't know what turbo Im going with yet, but most likely will be shooting for the 9. Something that no tech anywhere would get pissed at me for.Discussion in ' Competition Camaros ' started by CataldoMar 4, Mar 4, 1. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 0. Mar 4, 2.

Messages: Likes Received: Mar 4, 3. Messages: 22, Likes Received: Mar 4, 4. I have my fuel line running down the outside of the frame rail. My regulator is mounted to the firewall, however it is spaced out 6". Mar 4, 5. Bracket racer do ya have a picture of where you mounted the regulator? Mar 4, 6. Messages: Likes Received: 2. Mar 4, 7. They have the regulator brackets that mount on the carb studs. When I run fuel lines, I try to run them inside the frame and come out in front of the engine,then up to the carb.

Mar 4, 8. Messages: Likes Received: 0. I recently re-did my fuel lines to braidedLogin or Sign Up. NHRA Fuel line rules? Previous template Next. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. December 30th,PM.

Since I'm fresh out of NHRA rule books, can someone give me the quick low-down on fuel line requirements? From what I'm able to find, the overall rule is hard lines, with no more than inches of rubber line. This would be 6 inches from tank to hard line, 6 inches from hard line to fuel pump or 6-inches from frame to engine if an inline electric pump is employed.

Is there any specific rule that mandates braided metal line at a certain ET?

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Thanks, -Brad. Tags: None. December 31st,AM. The way I understand it they count from the pump to the carb, since the rubber line from the hard line to the pump and the intermediate rubber line connecting back hard line and front hard line at least on a Nova came from the factory that way. They're just worried about the guy who puts on a new intake and carb and runs a rubber line from pump to carb. An easy way around the rule is to buy braided line and use hose clamps, no need for AN fittings, unless you're running something serious.

Comment Post Cancel. In other words that is the total you can have for the entire system. So is my nylon braided AN line from the mechanical pump to the carb ok? The official Bangshift garage door guru. Just about anything can be built using garage door parts, trust me. There are woven pushlock hoses that are NHRA accepted but you might want to check with a tech official if you just have a plain nylon woven hose.

December 31st,PM. Look at the notes in the Twist Lock on the Russel link you sent. And it has to be sheilded past the flywheel, and not in the driveshaft area.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 19 of Cool cans, in full-bodied cars, must be mounted a minimum of 6-inches Fuel blocks must be located at least 6-inches Here is a picture of one of the locations I could place my fuel cell: Would this pass tech?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. YES it would. Originally Posted by scottie K. You have to have some type of skid plate covering the sump. That almost looks to good to be true. And it looks like you can compartmentalize the cell between the rear tail light panel and the support in the picture. Toss some sheet in there and seal it. Wish mine was that easy. I "thought" the area of a hatchback being there is no barrier between driver was a no-no?

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I had dismissed the location in my Starlet after seing other Starlets at GLD having a metal alum or steel barrier above there fuel cells.

If its ok to mount it in hatch area I will probably do so as well, under that tin is a service area to adjust my four link and the 8.

Google: hatch back fuel cell rules, lots of reading and all say the same thing Im afraid. Originally Posted by DoubleAron. It is usually cleanest to keep the sump inside the car and run a bulkhead fitting through the floor for the braided to go to the front. Check out our NEW online store! Originally Posted by juicedimpss. Originally Posted by Z33Art.Discussion in ' Competition Camaros ' started by dragraceMar 10, Mar 10, 1. Messages: Likes Received: 0. Mar 11, 2.

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Messages: 9, Likes Received: 2. Biggest one I see for IHRA is the cell must be mounted below the top of the back tires, can't see that happening without cutting the trunk.

nhra fuel cell rules

Never failed tech because of it though Mar 11, 3. Messages: Likes Received: 1. Cool cans, fuel-distribution blocks, etc. Fuel pressure gauge isolators, with steel braided line, may be mounted on firewall. All fuel tanks must have a pressure cap and be vented outside of body.

A positive-locking screw-on fuel tank cap is mandatory on all open-bodied cars. Insulated fuel tanks prohibited. When used, fuel cells must have a metal box protecting the part of the fuel cell that is outside of body lines or trunk floor, excluding hose connection area in rear. The metal box must be constructed of minimum. Nonmetallic fuel cells or tanks must be grounded to frame. Mar 11, 4. Do these rules apply to any class of racing? Thanks for the help and good info!

Mar 11, 5.